Trading Rules
Products Loco London Gold Loco London Silver
Contract Size (per lot) 100 Ounces 5,000 Ounces
Minimum Tick Size 0.01 USD 0.01 USD
Trade Volume
Minimum Trade Volume
Maximum Trade Volume
Loco London Gold/Silver Trade Volume
0.01 lots per trade
20 lots per trade
Spread 0.5 USD 0.03 USD
Trading platform may adjust spread in accordance with market conditions half an hour before market closing at weekends and the first half an hour after opening (perhaps there are 5 minutes deviation); or spread may be adjusted based on market conditions in a volatile market, and system display shall prevail. Our spread is standard and the company reserves the right to adjust spread collected on the trading platform at any time without prior notice. In addition, the company also reserves the right of final interpretation and final decision on spread, qualifications, conditions and amount for which clients are entitled to enjoy rebate.
Spread Rebate Up to 26 USD per lot Up to 26 USD per lot
Any open position will enjoy a corresponding spread rebate after closing. Spread rebate will be added directly to the trading account and clients can choose to continue investing or to apply for withdrawal. The default of spread rebate is immediate return after closing positions, however clients could also apply for centralized return at weekends. You can apply by contacting customer service and successful application will start from the next week.
Fee of Transaction Code Free of charge for 5 lots or above in a single transaction for open and closing trades
1) Transaction code is purchased by Acetop from CGSE. CGSE will issue a transaction code only after verifying the trading price is reasonable and provide inquiry service on its official website. Where there are 5 lots or above in a single transaction, Acetop will distribute the purchased transaction code to clients for free.
2) Transaction code for open/closing trades corresponds with client order number and is unique.
Margin Requirement As low as 1,000 USD/lot
Maintenance Margin Weekdays: 300 USD/lot
Weekends: 1,000 USD/lot
Please refer to Company Announcement for adjustment of weekend.
When margin level of client account drops to 30%, system will trigger the margin call and we have the discretionary right to begin closing the client’s current open positions, starting from the most unprofitable until the margin rate returns to above 30%. When there is price gap due to huge volatility, the margin level may skip over 30% and the margin call might be triggered at less than 30% or results in a negative balance on client’s MT4 terminal. Maintenance margin for weekends is 100%. It is necessary to pay attention to the funds of open positions when maintenance margin is adjusted to 100% before market closing on weekend and after market opening on Monday. Please note that overnight interest will be levied for open positions spanning weekends which should be considered also.
Commission Free (0 commission)
Real trading with us exempts additional cost arising from commission.
Overnight Interest Long: -1.75%
Short: -0.15%
(Annual interest rate)
Trading Hours Beijing Time Monday 6:31am – Saturday 3:30am (Summer Time)
Beijing Time Monday 7:01am – Saturday 4:00am (Winter Time)
US summer time 5am to 6am (US winter time 6am to 7am) is for settlement and trading is unavailable. Sporadic price fluctuations during settlement period will not affect trading profits and loss. Market will open after settlement period at 6:01am summer time (7:01 winter time).
Pending orders and settings of stop-loss and take-profit are valid for 1 trading week, and all pending orders failing to open and unexecuted stop-loss and take-profit settings after market closing at weekends will be cancelled. If needed, clients may reset after market opening on Monday. In addition, market closing due to international holidays and on the day releasing non-farm payrolls, all pending orders failing to open and unexecuted stop-loss and take-profit settings may be cancelled.


All non-USD deposits will be converted into USD. Acetop will exchange required currency for clients in accordance with market rates when clients make withdrawals. Clients acknowledge that we shall convert currency according to the market rate as provided.

Acetop does not have any special restrictions on short-term trading. Short-term trading is acceptable as long as it is a normal transaction.

When dispute arises between clients and Acetop, Acetop reserves the right to disclose client’s trading history and records to clarify its own rights.

Clients acknowledge and agree that the MT4 trading platform processes orders based on its own implementation mechanism. When multiple orders have reached the effective price at the same time, the orders will not be executed according to the sequence of price, but the sequence when placing orders will also be one of the factors to judge. Where the platform deals with order of transactions reaching price at the same time, clients agree that the implementation mechanism shall prevail. Acetop reserves the right of final interpretation of the mechanism of the trading platform.

Difference in price for pending orders or between stop-loss/take-profit and present price may have different settings at different times. Acetop reserves the right to change the price settings at any time without prior notice and the actual settings of the trading platform system prevail.

When stop-loss/take-profit price is reached after the pending order is triggered, the transaction will stop-loss or take-profit. If the stop-loss/take-profit price is reached before pending price is triggered, it will not be deemed as reaching stop-loss or take-profit due to not triggering pending order.

The system will not cancel any pending orders unless customers cancel it themselves.