What is a Bullion Market?

Gold VS. Other Investment Products

Inflation is becoming an increasingly serious concern such that our clients tend to use a more conservative investment strategy to hedge their net worth. There is already a wide variety of investment products; however, Loco London bullion provides many advantages that may be suitable for investors.

Below is a comparison between various types of asset against Loco London Bullion for clients to make a more informed investment decision.

Investment Types London Gold Stock Real Estate
Investment Amount As low as USD 10,
with margin funds
The investment can vary, but usually all of the funds are used for investment, meaning little or no margin opportunities Huge amount, normally takes a loan to pay the interest
Investment Period (Liquidity) T+0 transactions 4 hours transactions,
T+1 transactions
Yearly and long period
Liquidity Real-time and 100% conclude a transaction; Real-time liquidity Matching the buying and stock price, the transaction may not be concluded;
Easy liquidity
Complicated procedures; Poor liquidity
Fees No commission,
very little handling fees
Handling fees is less Highest fees
Flexibility Two-way transaction, price fluctuations create profit opportunity, higher probability of
making a profit
One-way transaction One-way transaction, long term, worst flexibility
Influencing factors Global market, huge volume of transaction, no manipulation of major investors Easy to be manipulated by big investors National policy
Risk assessment High risk, but there are other order types such as stop orders or limit orders to manage risk Higher risk, longer duration of capital lockup High risk, can cause huge loss if investment is incorrect

If you already have a basic understanding of investing in gold, it is recommended that you open an Acetop demo account in MetaTrader 4. Demo trading allows you to become familiarized with the Acetop trading rules and operations. Through trading under real market conditions with virtual funds, you can get more trading experiences before you start real trading with real funds.